"...in a time lacking in truth and uncertainty and filled with anquish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attemping to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart." Louise Bogan, American Poet 1897-1970

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finish Up Friday

     My neighbor (aka: Best Friend) and I headed over the hill, approximately 30 miles from home, to attend Finish Up Friday at the local Quilt Shop. I drug along a Wall Hanging UFO that still needs lots of hand quilting and B.F. brought her sewing machine to work on a stack of UFO blocks. I needed a day away from home, dogs and cats, but most of all I needed a girl's giggling day. I got my wish. I had to pull the car over to the side of the road on the way home, because I was laughing so hard my cheeks were in my eyes and I was choking on the milk chocolate candy I had in mouth. It looked like we were both crying and started talking about what we would we say if an Officer of the Law pulled up. That thought only made the laughing get worse. Dang that was fun. Of course we also laughed at the shop, and when we went to lunch, when we came back from lunch...you get the idea.

I left this quilt at the shop to be quilted. There are only three ahead of mine, so it shouldn't take too long to get it back.  

"Tipsy Log Cabin Squares" is the name of this quilt.

Close up of one of the blocks.

Even with all the giggling going on I got a few rows of hand quilting done and it was a relaxing day out with other quilters doing our craft.

I hope all or some part of your day was equally blessed.


  1. Mam, do you have a permit for that chocolate?

    Is your license to quilt current?

    I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car.

    Please keep your sewing machine in sight at all times while you exit the car....

    I could go on and on...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, A.K! You always make me laugh.

  3. Oh, so nice fabrics, colors and pattern.

  4. I had the best laugh on the way home!
    Teehee! your bff

  5. I found the magazine the quilt was in!!
    It was in the June 2006 issue of McCall's Quilting, pg. 58, designed by Evelyn Sloppy and called Pastel Parfait. I'm so glad I could give the designer proper credit!